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About Dragons Devonport Junior HC

Devonport Dragons Junior Hockey Club is based at the Brickfields astro turf pitch at Raglan Road and Stone House Barracks. Each session costs £3 per child, and the club caters for both boys and girls from five to sixteen years of age. The club is the junior section of PGSOB Men's Hockey Club, and Mannamead Ladies Hockey Club.

For Boys (years Reception to school year 7) and girls, the training runsevery Sunday morning from 10:00am to 11:30am during the hockey season. For boys (school years 8 to 11), the training is on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm until 9pm

All hockey sticks, balls, and goal keeping equipment are provided on Sunday. All players are required to bring their own shinpads and highly recommended to wear as a gum shield. Suitable clothing and footwear should always be worn, and water should be brought to each training session.

All training is led by suitably qualified hockey coaches, supported by hockey players. All adults working within the club dealing directly with junior club members have to submit their personal details to the Disclosure and Barring vetting (was CRB).

The club teams will compete in the Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 & Under 14 leagues on Friday nights at Marjons as well as any local festivals or tournaments.

However, this is all dependant on having enough volunteers and parents to manage the team. Can you help? Please talk to any of the coaches if you can.

All team selection is primarily based on age, as well commitment and attitude towards and during training.

All junior club members have to complete a club membership and consent form, which is to be signed by a parent or guardian. Club members are always expected to abide by all club rules, pay any match fees or subscriptions promptly, abide by the Rules of Hockey, and always train, play, and compete in a fair and sporting manner.

And, above all, Devonport Dragons Junior HC is about enjoying yourself!

Safety and insurance

Devonport Dragons Junior Hockey Club is committed to providing safe, enjoyable hockey in a suitable and safe environment. The Club is affiliated to England Hockey, Club Coaches are suitably qualified, Criminal Records Bureau forms are completed where required, many of the adult club volunteers have attended First Aid and Child Protection Courses and the club also has public liability insurance via its association with PGSOB (men's hockey club). This type of insurance covers any awards of damages given to a member of the public because of any injury or damage to their property caused by the Club (eg players, coaches, volunteers, etc). This should not be mistaken for personal accident/injury type insurance (for an individual club member), which in not provided by the club, and therefore, if you feel this is required you should look into purchasing a suitable policy.

‘Playing safe'

Accidents can and do happen and it is important that your child is suitably equipped and protected when stepping onto the hockey pitch. Shinpads are compulsory and should be worn for all training and coaching sessions and for all matches. Gum shields are also very highly recommended and for the best fit can be provided by dentists. OPRO is a particularly highly recommended make of gumshield suitable for sports such as hockey and comes in a range of sizes and prices.

Also, correct footwear designed for astro turf (not blades or studs used for grass) reduces slipping, both minimising the likelihood of injuries and also allows better demonstration of the player's skills! We appreciate the cost of footwear and therefore except for the most dedicated players, lower cost astro football boots are probably the best way forward. Flat soled trainers really don't work well on wet or icy pitches.

As a final note on child safety we would like to remind all parents and guardians that DDJHC is only responsible for the safety of your child during specified club events. We cannot supervise any club member or be responsible for their safety outside of the training sessions and matches we run. We would like to remind all parents and guardians that they are fully responsible for ensuring the safe arrival and pick up of their children for any DDJHC club event. All adults associated with DDJHC have a duty of care to all of our club members but this can and does only extend to events that we are running

Devonport Junior Hockey Club - Contacts

Committee & Coaches

Steve Wherry

Chairman & Level 2 Coach

M: 07775 671 823

H: 01752 491 019

Colin Wood - Head Coach

M: 07813 160 976


Bruce Danbury


M: 07769 970 535

H: 01822 853 516

Jean Jane

Level 1 coach (girls)

01752 518211

Andy Moore

Ages 4 to 9 coach

01752 212880

Vikki Frost

Secretary & Child Welfare Officer








Team Managers

Boys Co-ordinator - Robin Barlow           Girls Co-ordinator - Jean Jane

U8 -Andy Moore

U10 Mixed - Andy Moore

U12 Boys -

U12 Girls - Jean Jane


U14 Boys -

U14 Girls - Jean Jane

U16 Boys/ Badgers - Jean Jane/Robin Barlow







Devonport Junior Hockey Club - Sponsors



As the junior section of PGSOB Men's Hockey Club and Mannamead Ladies Hockey, DDJHC also has their full support, as well as the backing of Plymouth Hockey Development Group.

These clubs provide the much needed volunteers who run this junior club, and it is their time and effort that is making this new club as successful as it already is.

For information on PGSOB HC please contact Robin Barlow and for Mannamead Ladies please contact Tina Phillips.