Devonport Dragons Junior Hockey Club is committed to providing safe, enjoyable hockey in a suitable and safe environment. The Club is affiliated to England Hockey, our Club Coaches qualified, CRB forms are completed where required, many of the volunteers have attended First Aid and Child Protection Courses and the club also carries public liability insurance.   This type of insurance covers any awards of damages given to a member of the public because of any injury or damage to their property caused by the Club (eg players, coaches, volunteers, etc). This should not be mistaken for personal accident/injury type insurance (for an individual club member), which in not provided by the club, and therefore, if you feel this is required you should look into purchasing a suitable policy.

‘Playing safe’

Accidents can and do happen and it is important that your child is suitably equipped and protected when stepping onto the hockey pitch. Shinpads are compulsory and should be worn for all training and coaching sessions and for all matches.  Gum shields are also very highly recommended and for the best fit can be provided by dentists.  OPRO is a particularly highly recommended brand, suitable for hockey and comes in a range of sizes.

Correct footwear designed for astro turf (not blades or studs used for grass / 3G) reduces slipping, minimising the likelihood of injuries and also allows better demonstration of the player’s skills!  We appreciate the cost of footwear, but there are many cost effective option on the market.  Flat soled trainers don’t perform well on wet or icy pitches.

A final note on child safety we politely remind all parents / guardians that DDJHC is only responsible for the safety of your child during specified club events.  We can not supervise any club member or be responsible for their safety outside of the official training sessions and matches we run.   We would like to remind all parents / guardians that they are fully responsible for ensuring the safe arrival and pick up of their children for any DDJHC club event.  All adults associated with DDJHC have a duty of care to all of our club members, but this can and does only extend to events that we are running.   We do actively welcome Parental support and involvement please feel free to speak to us if you feel you can help in any way!